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covid-19 protocalls


  • Occuancy limits

    • Hutcheson Gallery 10​

    • Lighthouse 4

    • Shipyard 10

  • Establish 2m between all visitors and staff​

Engineering Controls

  • Install barriers where interaction regularly occurs

    • front desk & work stations​

Administrative Controls

  • Regular cleaning of high touch areas

  • Posted occupancy limits

  • Clear exit and entrance on  Hutcheson Gallery


  • Hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves available for staff and visitors

We ask our visitors to be respectful and follow the rules to ensure everybody feels safe and enjoys their visit:

  • Please follow the instructions of our staff. Currently, we are on site between 10am and 4pm daily.

  • Please be patient as we will be closely monitoring how many visitors are allowed into each building/space

  • Please maintain physical distancing, and do not allow you or your group to get within 2m/6ft of another person or group. Please be respectful of other guests keeping their distance.

  • Children and pets must remain directly at your side. Pets have to be on leash at all times and please pick up after your pet on the Port Authority property.

  • Please follow the directional arrows and other guiding signage when entering the gallery, shipyard and the lighthouse.

Tours and events

are still available for booking, with the caveat of maintaining occupancy limits within buildings and outdoor areas. Groups must remain small and/or abide by occupacy limits and social distancing mandates.  

Maritime Mondays

will be held between 10-12 on Monday Mornings beginning July 13  (occupancy/ weather permitting). We will be taking reservations to keep numbers manageable and events over 3 children will be moved outdoors to maintain social distancing guidelines. 

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